Cover by Rachel Rosales,  Orange Peal Design .

Cover by Rachel Rosales, Orange Peal Design.

A book for victims, for survivors, and for those who want to understand. This is how it feels to recover.

The summer that I was 15, a speedboat landed on my head. I suffered from severe traumatic brain injury and experienced a miraculous survival. After ten days in a coma, I woke up to the realization that I had to relearn everything. I had the next three painful years to figure out how far I would recovery and how I could survive in a world of pain. That was high school.

During those three years, I would have given anything to talk to someone who undergone what I had been through and come out the other side.

Today, She Is. Wipf & Stock, 2014.

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Book Review. Jeff Bettger. Artist Reformation. May 2014.

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Produced by Will Foster & Adam Croft

This film was entered into the 2011 Neuro Film Festival from the American Academy of Neurology Foundation. Let's put our brains together to support brain research


This is something physicians do not see, a soul observing herself through the mystery, suffering, and rebirth that is her mind recovering from severe brain injury.
— Paul Gorsuch, M.D., neurosurgeon, Montana
Today, She Is gives insight into a world of newness and all the fears of being human.
— Jeff Bettger, Director, Artist Reformation
This is a really remarkable story of recovery- but more than the miracle of surviving the initial injuries from a speedboat running into her head, Molly describes her own journey inside her mind- I was astounded and captivated.
— Merilee Paxton, Amazon, 5 Stars
The whole book was so moving for me... Your whole book humbled me... It made me pray! Thank you for being so vulnerable and humble and honest and kind in your words. I was blessed so richly and profoundly by reading your story, and the way you use words to skillfully, artistically paint such a vivid life-encompassing picture is what I can’t even dream of successfully doing visually with my art and design.
— Rachel Rosales, Orange Peale Design
An unbelievable story of strength and cultivating the most beautiful of characters. Poetry embracing prose.
— Catherine Pierce, Goodreads, 5 stars
Thank you for sharing your story. It is such a good example of courage.
— Reader
I am SO thankful for you. Thanks for being the story that I needed to hear when I was in a difficult spot.
— Annie Meade
Molly Murray has a dramatic story to tell, and she the poet’s soul to tell it movingly. More, she has the depth of intelligence to tell it profoundly. God is good to have preserved Molly to bear witness to the new life that follows death.
— Peter Leithart, PH.D, president, Trinity House Institute, Alabama
Mrs. Murray’s poetic recounting of
her injury and recovery in Today, She Is swiftly allows the reader to experience the vivid dreams, recapturing of memories, and beauty of her rebirth. Through her vulnerable, clever perspective, I stepped into the dreams, memories, rebirth, and found life looked different on the last page for me as well.
— Elizabeth Miller, artist and traveler
Thoroughly enjoying it... I feel like I’m going through the experience with you. You have a very engaging writing style.
— Margo Macinnes Macrae
Love your book! very amazing.
— Reader
The book is a very raw, artistically written account of what happened... It is Molly’s story, and clearly realistic as she reveals the pain and chaos she went through at that time, which must have been horrific.
— Emma Mackenzie
The account of the amazing hardships suffered by Molly is a deeply moving testimony and a source of limitless hope. When courage, faith, and affection from family and friends combine, medicine may get a miracle.
— Madame Jacqueline Carpine-Lancre, director of historical research, Prince of Monaco's Palace, Monaco
You’re a wonderful writer. Inventive, smart, funny. Admiration.
— Anne Morrison, winner of the 2007 Neil Gunn Writing Competition
Wow. I work with people with acquired brain injury every day and seldom am I brought to tears with their stories… Your story really did pull at my heartstrings.
— Susanne Brown, Headway Highlands
I could not put it down. At first, I was speechless. As I re-read parts of it, though, these words and more came to mind: devastating - beautiful - horrifying - hopeful - truthful - painful - intelligent - terrifying - thoughtful - puzzling - profound - miraculous. I want to hear more - I hope Molly is writing about the next chapter of her journey! Thank you for this book.
— Reader
Inspiring! Molly’s story is proof that God can over come any circumstance. I feel highly encouraged and deeply awed by the mysterious ways God chooses to use such tragedy’s in our lives! So grateful for Molly sharing this part of her story within God’s greater story!
— Beth Highfill, Amazon, 5 stars