In case you’re wondering how we met…

Gordon hails from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. I am from Louisiana and Montana, and love the Pacific Northwest. We met at my cousin’s wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2001, my last year of high school… that summer, I was in the UK with my brother, and we dropped in to see him on the Island. We had the time of our lives! Four years later, I stayed with him in Edinburgh for a night. Everyone thought we were super into each other, but we weren’t at all - we just had a lot of natural chemistry!

Three years after that, I went to Oxford for a summer school and he came down to see me. We had a magical romance for three days… and that was the real beginning of US. We started dating a few months later. We got engaged one month after that… and married seven months later! It isn’t really any fun to date long-distance.

Or how we got here…

Gordon lived in Lairg, Scotland, a village the northwest Highlands - and I moved up to be with him. Two years and many fabulous adventures and misadventures later, we moved to Portland - right before our little Alexander Jack was born. (I flew on the last day the airline would take me!)

We were so thankful to be near an incredible hospital with amazing staff. Jack was born with severe meconium poisoning, and lingered on death’s door for about a week. We never knew if he would survive the night - or the next hour. About 25% of babies have meconium poisoning. About 5% of those have Severe Meconium Poisoning - and of that percentage, almost all cases are fatal. It was a really rough first few weeks, but we could never be more thankful to say that he survived and is now the liveliest toddler around!

All three of us have had near-death experiences, and we have a very high regard for doctors, hospitals, checkups, and modern medicine. We also know that health is a puzzle and has many different pieces. Wellness is a proactive project, and we are so thankful for the support of oils!

Now we live in Montana. We enjoy walks, traveling, and toddler adventures. The beach is our happy place. Exploring the Highlands and Islands is our very favorite!!!