The Atelier Project: Conversations About Creativity

Thoughts from artists in various media including Barry Lategan, photographer, discoverer of Twiggy

What is creativity? How do we shape our lives to grow inspiration?

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The Atelier: Highlands, Scotland. 2015. Where creativity happened.

The Atelier: Highlands, Scotland. 2015. Where creativity happened.

Once upon a time, I stumbled into a studio in Manitou Springs, Colorado. A gigantic sculpture dominated the room, muscled clay arms holding up the ceiling of the world. Books stacked; papers whisked; an artist poised at a table in the corner... I had fallen into an atelier. I fell in love.

It was a turning point in my study of intentional creativity that started when I interviewed indie musicians for a small indie venue and became a journey of inspiration I found through art groups, art nights, and editing a Seattle-based art blog.

The study created the vision, and the vision became The Atelier - and together, my husband and I hollowed out a physical sanctuary of creativity in the grand old manse we shared in the Scottish Highlands. This is the room that inspired Conversations about Creativity - The Atelier Project.

You can read more about the process here in "L'Atelier."