There are two ways to join the Young Living way of life.



I would be so privileged to travel with you!

Make sure the number 14890213 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. 

1.) WHOLESALE MEMBERS enjoy the wholesale price of 24% off, and join the uplifting and informative community on Facebook to guide you along and teach you all the oily ways. The resources are endless, and the tribe is just fabulous.

-You do not ever have to sell anything! but you get to appreciate the wholesale price, as well as the awesome perks of being a distributor.

-Purchase $50/point value per year to keep your account active that’s just about a bottle of Thieves cleaning solution, which lasts FOREVER, and a lavender!

-Referral number to share with your friends, if desired, and receive a compensation - like I said, I tried oils here and there for years, nothing to call home about. I tried Young Living and boom! my life changed and I literally can’t stop talking about it!

2.) RETAIL MEMBERS enjoy the glory of Young Living oils at retail cost.

-No Starter Kit required; order anytime - but pay 24% more than the wholesale tribe - that in itself pays off the Starter Kit pretty easily!

I would adore having you on my team so we can do this wellness journey together!

I believe in my team of dreamers, who support their creative passions by sharing healing. I believe in my team of spoonies, who earn an abundant living while experiencing their own healing. I believe in my team of warriors, who have traveled so far and come through so much to enjoy this road, here, now.MY TWO CENTS?!

-Make sure you become a Wholesale Member to enjoy that 24% off and get all the info and support of the tribe!

-Choose an Essential Rewards kit to begin your wellness journey. This signs you up for Essential Rewards, which gives you free oils, cash points in return for the items you buy, reduced shipping rates while you are able to plan out your oily budget. And, if you’re on ER, you’re eligible commissions. This is the way to ditch n switch all the nasty chems in your house for pure, life-giving toiletries, make-up, supplements and cleaning supplies and of course, buy your oils!


You want to know my favorite part about YL? Essential Rewards! YL has SO much more to offer beyond the oils. There is nothing not to love!  Totally rocks to restock your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and supplements!

It’s a monthly, completely customizable wellness box that makes it SO easy to ditch ‘n’ switch your toxic products for clean Young Living ones. They have everything!! Hair care, skincare, make up, cleaner, dish soap, laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, supplements, kids products, pet products, baby essentials – and more! This is the hassle-free way to replace all of those hormonal disasters in your cabinets with sustainably-produced, clean, green products you can absolutely trust.

So basically, how it works is that you figure out the products you will need this month. Running out of cleaning solution and toothpaste? Floss? Diaper rash cream? Add it to your ER order. They’ll ship it straight to your front door, no running out to grab dishwasher soap at the last minute while the dishes pile in your sink. Next month, pick a handful of products you’re running out of – maybe hair conditioner, face wash, and make up. You get the idea. It is so easy. Young Living has it all!

And, because technically it’s a rewards program – you get allll the rewards! This is the part I really love. The freebies are incredible! And, you get CASH BACK. 10% back on ER every month. At month 4, you get 20% off. At 1 year, you get 25% off. I can’t find a single credit card that will give me more than 3% back on purchases. And obviously, none of the stores do this for you!


Guess what? If you are a YL member on Essential Rewards, you have a link. You can share this link with friends: you get a $50 check when they buy a kit. If your monthly orders are $100 or more, you get commissions from EVERYTHING they buy. You can share as little or as much as you please - i.e., none to full-time income. You can have your ER order paid for, or you can treat this like a business and replace your full-time income or become a Royal Crown Diamond and make $100,000+ per month. The comp plan is super generous and the sky is literally the limit here.

I'm helping people every day, I'm having fun, I'm learning new things, and I have unlimited income!

Let me know if you want help finding your link!

(Psss – I’ve never paid for an ER order! )