This is a collection of the most practical and popular oils, plus a sample of Thieves cleaning solution, a Thieves hand sanitizer, two samples of Ningxia Wolfberry supplement, a gorgeous diffuser, and a Young Living membership, which means that you get 24% off of the retail price of their beautiful products. The Premium Starter Kit is $165 – these products would be over $400 individually and the membership is $45 by itself – this is an INCREDIBLE beginning for your chemical free journey!

I use every single oil in this kit daily for sleep, immune support, pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety, grief and trauma, cleaning, headaches, digestion probs and tummy trouble, confidence, emotional uplift, and so much more.

And? you get to be a part of a stellar team to cheer you on in your journey and tell you allll the things about oily living. We are in this journey together!

I use every single one of these oils every day! IN LOVE.

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LAVENDER so healing from pain, stress, anxiety, trauma. The Swiss Army Knife of Oils #1.

PEPPERMINT stress relief, mental focus, energy, pain relief, clears respiratory tract, tummy aches, digestion issues. The Swiss Army Knife of Oils #2!

LEMON cleaning, metabolism, energy, improves digestion, nourishes skin, take 1 drop every morning in water for energy, mental focus, and to keep away UTI.

PEACE & CALMING exactly like the name. 

VALOR the oil of courage. I'm not even kidding - those times when you need self-confidence? a little boost to get you out of bed and through the day? you have to experience this to know what I mean. As a hint, it's based on a recipe for an oil that Roman soldiers wore into battle to give them self-confidence and courage. (And, odd but true - it's also great to help your partner not to snore! ;) 

FRANKINCENSE stress relief, pain relief, boost immune system, antiseptic, antibacterial agent, prevent signs of aging, balance hormones, ease digestion, sleep aid, relieve pain and inflammation. This oil is known as the oil of Kings for a very good reason!

THIEVES a spicy blend of powerful oils – I call this a superoil! Antibacterial, antiseptic agent, great for your immune system!

CITRUS FRESH Energizes, focuses the mind, balancing, improves skin tone.

 RAVEN respiratory system support, comforts throat and chest, relieves grief.

DIGIZE combats nausea, IBS, tummy aches. Keep this in my purse!!

PANAWAY combats soreness, relieves stressed muscles. This one changed my life.

 STRESS AWAY Lime + Vanilla. Just lovely.  Bring it on.