A Story About (Massive, Radical, Amazing) Healing

Now? I am experiencing massive, radical healing in every area of my life. It is blowing my mind!

But, it wasn’t always this way. No doubt, my health story will feel familiar. I was hit hard by the chronic illness epidemic. I floundered for years, looking for help in doctor’s offices. I’ve met profound ignorance, mistreatment, neglect, disrespect, prejudice and a surplus of misogyny, both inside and outside of medical centers in two countries and several states.

Watching dolphins in the Murray Firth

Watching dolphins in the Murray Firth


During high school, I experienced a severe Traumatic Brain Injury that sent me into a coma for eleven days; I spent years in recovery (you can read about it in my book Today, She Is, order it HERE!) I’ve known about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Keinbock’s Disease for about ten years, and experienced them for longer. I found out I have Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis more recently. I live with allllll the jazzzzzz that goes with these conditions. And of course, all of these diagnoses and how to manage them took years and serious emotional and physical energy to discover, and many of the healing methods conflict with each other. There were times when it seemed pretty impossible to cope.

But guess what? I am healing from my roots up and feeling incredible. New page, new story.


My first break-through was to find out that trauma is the root of chronic illness. When you go through a trauma - a circumstance that is out of your control and that you do not feel adequately equipped to deal with -  even your cells suffer. They are damaged beyond your ability to heal, and cause destruction in your body that results in various kinds of chronic illness. I've been swimming through deep trauma for years, so it is natural that my body is suffering from the effects. 

This Ted Talk by the brilliant Nadine Burke Harris explains it all.

I now knew I was caught in this vicious cycle of trauma and disease, but it didn't solve the problem. How do I heal my damaged cells?


1. That was when I discovered Young Living essential oils.

I had dabbled in other brands of oils here and there, but didn’t feel any impact, let alone feel a need to share them. But these oils are different - these oils are POWERFUL.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal Guarantee that these oils NEVER touch harmful chemicals. You know I’m crazy about creative process, right? Young Living’s creative process is incredible. It’s the only one on the market that is this pure or thorough! They source fields all over the world where the soil has NEVER been touched by pesticides. The oils go through about 90 tests to ensure purity and strength. And my body - and your body - FEEL the power of this strength.

Life changed. My story changed.

2. I finally bit the bullet and went off of chemicals.

It wasn’t that hard. In fact, it was WAY worse to stress about how I should, but how could I possibly, go off of chemicals, for years before. Which I did.

3. Did you realize that these oils have the power to penetrate the blood-brain barrier? and to stream to all the systems of your body through your blood? and to pass into your cells? this is why you only want to surround your body with oils that are 110% pure. Otherwise, when you use an oil that has been compromised by a filler or a chemical during its process (which the other brands do, I kid you not!), you are only pouring more harmful chems into your body. No thank you!

But, now the real good stuff. Remember what I said about that spiral of trauma?

Trauma destroys and kills your cells. Essential oils have the unique ability to rebuild your cells. When I say I feel like a different person now, it is because I AM a different person. I have healed at a cellular level. Something I thought I would never know. I don’t remember feeling this good in my body, because the last time I felt this right was probably when I was 14, before I was before I was hit by a boat.

Oils changed my body from the cells to the hormones and all the systems (#Endocrine!) This is my happily ever after. My new story.

And I want you to live yours.


Every story is a journey. Health is a complicated puzzle. But first - how to survive daily life? and not only survive, but THRIVE

I have such a passion for people caught in this vicious cycle of trauma and chronic illness - spoonies! - as well as for everyone who feels the burden of heavy emotions, or the gnawing feeling that their cleaning spray should not be making them dizzy - there is more out there.. I have a passion to rid homes of the harmful chemicals. I’ve felt they have done to my body, and seen what they do to others - I want to help you break the hold that they have on your life.

Fragrance is totally the new F word in my book!

I’ve found so many tips n tricks for enjoying life as a spoonie , and I want to share those with you! I am so PASSIONATE to help people find healing and ROCK at life. I want my spoonie tribe to love life like they did before those first weird symptoms started! I want the non-spoonies to heal from chemicals and trauma and nip them in the bud. I want the warriors to feel like they have a fresh start on life.

This healing journey starts NOW. Walk with me! It is NEVER too late to rewrite your story.