Parasite Cleanse


First reaction: EEEEEEK! Second reaction: NOT ME, NO WAY… GROSS. I’m a CLEAN person.

Then I started to really listen to the facts. About 80% of people have parasites. Several factors make you highly likely to be in that number. These are the factors that spoke to me:

  • traveled outside of the USA.

  • traveled at all.

  • used a public restroom. (Those paper napkins that are supposed to be protecting you? They don’t stop parasites. I know. Gag reaction.)

  • lived near livestock.

  • owned pets.

  • enjoyed recreation in bodies of freshwater.

    Statistically, if you have left your home, you are highly likely to be in that 80% range of people.

Several horrible side effects come from parasites… hair loss, weight gain, body pain, depression, all the jazz. If you are working on your hormones to no avail, you could very possibly be suffering because your body is being attacked from the inside by parasites.

These nasty little critters could be the root cause of that awful disease you are carrying through life! you know, the one that seems to have nothing to do with anything.

Now that the first reaction is over, what are you going to do about it?

I did my research, and here is the plan that I came to. And, unlike so many cleanses - it is actually really darn easy!

-Digestion Cleanse. When I began my parasite cleanse, I was already on an elimination diet and my stomach was pretty empty from surgery and Interstitial Cystitis. My stomach was SO delicate at this point that I felt that I had already taken care of this step. I ordered the Essentialzyme supplement from Young Living for extra support, but I haven’t been able to use it - I was too sick at the beginning! But if that hadn’t been the case, I definitely would have started with a digestion cleanse.

-Prepare your pathways. Lemon essential oil, lime essential oil, ocotea essential oil. These are magic at cleaning the pathways in your body. Ocotea was not available at that point, so I used Slique Blend, which has Ocotea in it. I take these in my water bottle every day, add them to my cooking, and sometimes rub them on - I use Young Living vitality oils, which are labeled for ingestion.

-Liver Cleanse: take care of your liver. I use Release essential oil and Carrot Seed essential oil on my liver area every morning. (Right below your right breast area.)

-Parafree Soft Gels from Young Living. This is so darn easy. Three pills in the morning after breakfast, three pills in the evening after dinner. It is important to know that you have to do this for three-ish months: the course takes 3 bottles, with a week-long break in between.

The first week or two of this was EXPLOSIVE. If you’re brave and overly curious, google pictures of parasites… or DON’T. Just accept that your freakish gut is probably because you are part of that 80% and do the cleans for good measure.

In the six weeks since I’ve started this, my life has changed completely. I consider myself in remission. I even had a few bites of an Indian dish with cumin the other night, and had no after effects! INCREDIBLE!

I’ve been able to go camping, and am currently in Scotland on a vacation… doing incredible things. I’m so proud of my stomach and so happy! I want this for you. Feel free to message and ask me any q’s! I am feeling FREEEEEEEEEE. Parafree.


Trauma to Healing

I believe in being transparent when it is helpful and healing. Write where it hurts! So I wanted to tell you a little bit about the trauma I’ve been through because maybe you have experienced it too, and need someone to empathize.


-When I was 15, I was on a pontoon boat with my family, in the Gates of the Mountains – a beautiful place near Helena, Montana, that was like, a moment in the journey of Lewis and Clark, and a life-changing place for me.
            A speedboat landed on my head that day. Yeah, no kidding. Driver didn’t look, rammed into our boat, went into the air, came down on my head.
            I was in a severe coma for eleven days, experienced severe traumatic brain injury, and then had about three years of recovery. No one knew IF I would recover, or to what extent. It was INTENSE. You can read the story of recovery in my book, Today, She Is.
-A few years later, I had a series of violent stalkers. The worst one knew all my habits, my address, my car – and waited for me where I liked to walk at night in a small neighborhood park behind my house. I saw a very tall person hiding with a very long knife just before he began to run after me. I ran. I escaped.

He knew my parking spot, was able to pick my car out of several others, and vandalized it with his knife - the cops and mechanics hadn't ever seen anything like it. It was SEVERAL years before I walked anywhere without pepper spray.

-Since then, I’ve been impacted by gaslighting, and emotionally, spiritually abusive situations. Toxic narcissists. Misogynists. I've fought everyday prejudice for experiencing a TBI, and racism for marrying a man from a very different culture.

-We had an emergency C Section with my son. He went straight to the NICU: they gave him up for lost and sent him to another hospital. When I later met with a nurse who had been there that night, she started crying - she thought he had died.

While I was trying to recover from our son’s (traumatic) birth and navigate out of an extremely toxic situation, ALL of THIS caught up, and my health came crashing down.

I was 31, with a two year old, several chronic health conditions and all the jazz that comes with them. I had frequent bouts of mysterious, paralyzing pain that were way worse than giving birth, way worse than being hit by a boat. I felt like I would be dead within a year because of the trajectory of my health.

I had been scarred by years of misogynistic medical disasters both in the States and in the UK. I was trapped by anxiety. My doctor was out of options for me, and worried.

I was stuck in this place, wondering what to do, feeling like I would never break free from my cycle of trauma, when I had Breakthrough #1.

Chronic Illness Comes From Trauma
I watched this Ted Talk by the brilliant Nadine Burke Harris and learned that trauma leads to chronic health conditions. That was a whole paradigm shift for me to realize that all of my difficult health conditions stemmed from the root of the trauma.

When you go through a trauma - a circumstance that is out of your control and that you do not feel adequately equipped to deal with - even your cells suffer. They are damaged beyond your ability to heal, and cause destruction in your body that results in various kinds of chronic illness.

Okay, I thought. Now I know the problem, and it totally makes sense. But the next question is: how do I heal myself from these layers and layers of trauma?

That question led to Breakthrough #2.

Young Living Oils & a Minimal Chemical Life
A friend suggested Young Living essential oils. I had tried all the main brands of essential oils in the past – of course, who hasn’t? – and hadn’t seen any impact whatsoever. I had been meaning to detox from chemicals for a while for PCOS; it just seemed way too overwhelming a task to take on. But, I also had nothing to lose, and no other choices. And, I hoped that if they could help me get a little relief from the extreme tension I lived in, it might be worth it. So I ordered the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.

And that was the first day of the rest of my life. I'll definitely share those stories as we go along in emails!

ALL of that is in the past. I am living the NOW, able to love this present moment with my boys. Instead of dreading what I am going to find out is wrong with me next, I am excited for the beautiful future we are manifesting. I am loving life because I feel deep, profound healing in my body. Abundant health and wellness.


What About You?
But what does that mean for you? What I hope this means for you is that, whatever dark roads you have traveled, whatever deep shit you have waded through (pardon my French!), you believe that you can experience profound healing too. These essential oils have the ability to heal your body at a cellular level, to break that cycle of trauma.

I hope that you are inspired.

I want to know your story! What is it like now, and where do you want to go? WHAT WILL IT BE after you take that first step? I want to help you THRIVE.

THIS will tell you how to take that first step.